Why Is Social Customer Service Important?

By Bon Miller

The current customer is a highly connected individual who has numerous options. It makes social customer service a significant competitive advantage for businesses.

It would be best to offer a seamless customer experience across the various communications channels available. Organising your marketing strategies requires you to leverage technology, processes, and policies to be proactive towards customer requests.

Serving the social customer can be daunting to businesses of any size, especially because social media is dynamic. It has been offering unprecedented opportunities to interact directly with their clients, increase sales, and boost brand loyalty.

Unlike other traditional marketing channels, social media are a two-way street. Customers want their brands to be responsive. This means permitting them into the same digital spaces they usually interact with families and friends.

Social media are a marketing channel and offer an easy way to communicate with businesses at any time. It helps boost customer service as they can make requests at any time. Let’s look at some of the top benefits of social customer service and why you require it in your business.   

Increase the Reach of Your Customer Service Team

For the past few years, social media have become a top pillar for customer service. It comes along with telephone calls and emails. These traditional channels are still vital. But businesses adjust their capabilities to allow their customers to access their services through social media.

Research shows that 30% of social media prefer to communicate with the brands they like via social networks, calls, or emails. There are also multiple social channels to find all your potential customers. You will optimise your services to reach out to customers of all kinds coming from different places.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

It is common to find many complaints regarding most traditional communication channels businesses use on social media. Thus, customers will feel motivated when you promptly attend to their concerns on a public channel.

Typically, negative comments about a brand may affect sales and the generation of leads. Social media will enable you to engage with your customers to address their issues. Plus, it will also recover the customer relationship before it goes sour.

Cultivates Brand Advocacy  

Most businesses capitalise on the positive service experience via social media to boost their brand. Happy customers are loyal customers who will help advocate your brand, enabling you to reach new markets. The good thing with social media is that it is easy to recognise brand promoters. They will share, comment, and like business posts.

By recognising your online promoters, you can thank them publicly for amplifying the positive feedback you get from your customers. Also, you can organise the marketing function to recognise all the grateful and top brand fans to increase social influence.

Delight Customers with Proactive Service

Monitoring your social channels effectively can identify customer feedback that would not have been directed to their official accounts. Such proactive monitoring enables you to resolve all misunderstandings and issues that may affect your customers without your knowledge.

Hence, an unexpected service is always a delight to many customers and will reduce customer turnover.  

Gather Intelligence Easily To Inform Decisions

Formerly, businesses had to conduct different research to have enough data to make accurate decisions for their business process. The prompt communication you receive via social media enables you to understand what your customers want without asking them. Their interaction in the comment section will give you insights into making your services better.

At Hearts Agency, we help businesses manage their social channels effectively to get accurate insights to inform their marketing strategies. Contact us today for community management services.