Why Community Management Shouldn’t Be Taken For Granted

By Bon Miller

Nowadays, people are bombarded with thousands of content and messages on social media. WIth this never ending stream of data and content, social media users are getting more picky about who and what brands they interact with, and are becoming more aware of what type of content they tune into. What makes brands stand out nowadays, aside from adding interesting insights, unique and authentic content (that doesn’t look like a hard-sell ad) to your timeline, is if brands have a personality and voice online – one that adds value to user discussions, asks questions, and makes a meaningful connection with audiences. And this can be achieved with community management. 

Community management is not only about responding to comments and customer complaints, it’s about honing relationships and engaging current and potential followers. We’ve rounded up some reasons why community management should be part of your marketing strategy and why you shouldn’t take it for granted. 

Adding Credibility

Online users have become more aware of fake accounts that troll online communities and dilute conversations. Community managers help add credibility to brands by giving valuable information, advice, and letting users know that they’re not interacting with just automated bots. Social media users remain loyal to brands they trust and online credibility will make users more confident in engaging with your brand again and again. 

Being Relevant

With thousands of messages bombarding users on social media, your brand needs to keep updated with all that’s happening online. Because community management helps monitor, measure, and analyse how your brand is perceived, it opens the door to valuable and raw feedback. Having a community manager dedicated to looking out for social sentiments and trending topics relevant to your brand helps the team adjust their strategies and tactics based on the significant or current events and trends. This shows your brand can keep updated with trends as they come and go, making your brand a relevant and valuable resource. 

Creating Authenticity

Community managers add an element of humanisation to brands online. When users know that they are not engaging with just automated responses, they are more likely to provide honest feedback and talk about your brand in their other networks. Because community management helps humanise your brand and creates a likeable personality, your audience will be more open to connecting with your brand through authentic conversation – and this authenticity is what converts one-time buyers to being a loyal customer. 

Building Relationships

The more conversations you have online, the more relationships you build with potential customers. This gives community managers the opportunity to better understand what customers are looking for, their pain points, and extend excellent customer service online. When brands go above and beyond to reach out and solve problems for customers online, this creates a lasting impression and will make customers know that they can trust your brand.   

As people spend more time on social media, it’s time to take the opportunity to pay more attention to engaging your audiences and adding more value to their timelines. Getting a good social media following isn’t just about posting awesome content, it’s also about creating loyal followers and building lasting connections. To get started with incorporating more community management into your marketing strategy, get in touch with us about our community management services. Our team can help craft a community management strategy suited to your brand’s vision and goals and effectively engage your audience and turn them into loyal brand advocates.