What The World Would Look Like Without Community Management

By Grazel Gueco

Social media feeds provide users with content. Most users, especially younger adults, are picky about what and who they interact with. They are more likely to pay more attention to a brand that adds exciting insights to their social feeds. People are increasingly more sensitive to the content they see, so brands have to work extra hard to keep customers interested.

Consumers do not want a sales pitch. This makes it more critical to maintain a multi-dimensional persona that adds value to online conversations, asks questions, and dominates its niche. As a marketer or consumer, you make lasting impressions via your content that connects with others. These connections are achieved via community management. Without community management, so much can go wrong.

1.    No Customer Service

According to Microsoft, 54% of global customers have higher expectations today for customer service than they did one year ago. It is also true that 52% of the worldwide customer population believe that more companies need to act on customer feedback.

Microsoft also states that 90% of Americans use a brand’s customer service to determine who to do business with. Consumers want a brand that they can communicate with.

Millennials are incredibly tech-savvy and expect feedback on social media. No customer service results in a lot of negative brand feedback and negative brand sentiment.

When you have zero customer service and do not engage your customers, people will stop bothering to leave comments on your brand page. Nobody replies to their comments or answers their questions, so eventually they stop bothering them. When new visitors visit the page and find complaints and bad feedback, they encourage others to complain, turning your page into a complaints arena.

2.    No Feedback

If you never interact with your customers, nobody will be at hand to give you brand feedback. Brands thrive on feedback, so they know what to improve on. Without customers to provide you with feedback, you will never know what to add or remove from your brand.

3.    Bad Reputation

According to a study by Accenture, 33% of customers who stopped using a company’s services in 2021 complained of a lack of personalization. Your brand may get a bad reputation because customers feel unappreciated when they do not hear from you. Nowadays, most customers take their anger online by tweeting or posting on their social media handles.

Some may spread inaccurate facts about your business. Since nobody is at hand to correct or refute these accusations, everyone will believe them. The worst that can happen to a brand is to destroy its reputation. It’s almost impossible to recover, or it will take years of hard work trying to prove themselves.

4.    Leads that Do Not Convert

When customers visit a website or social media page and inquire about products, they expect a response. When they do not get one, they get annoyed, and a good lead that would have converted goes to waste.

The worst part is that they will tell others about their negative experience, which further damages your reputation. Community management solves this issue by ensuring that these leads are converted by answering any questions about your brand.

5.    Profit Loss

Losing customers equals sales and profit losses. It is essential to have a vibrant community and manage that community to your advantage. Losing profits leaves a lasting impact on your brand’s finances. All consumers want is a brand that cares about them. According to HubSpot, 68% of customers are willing to pay more to a brand with good customer service.

6.    A Drop in Customers’ Lifetime Value

Keeping old customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones. 9 out of 10 customers are willing to pay a higher amount to get a good customer experience. According to Salesforce Research, 78% are eager to do business with a brand that resolves a complaint.

 Bad community management can destroy your brand’s average lifetime value, increasing your marketing budget to attract new customers. The simplest way is to retain the pleaded customers for less cost.

Final Thoughts

Customers will change brands after poor customer service. In the world of e-commerce, a lack of community management would be a disaster. Customers are online more than ever with most preferring to shop online, especially during a pandemic. Customers are more aware of their consumer rights. They expect to ask questions and get answers. The better your customer service, the more customers you will get and retain.

You can avoid these issues when you have a dedicated and experienced community manager managing your brand. Contact us today to learn more about our plans.