The Top 4 Industries That Need Community Management Most

By Sabrina

Taking your business to the next level requires making necessary steps to bring it closer to its audience. This includes online customer care, listening to the media, and becoming involved in brand-related discussions, broadly referred to as Community management.

With an effective community management, a business undergoes a vigorous process of establishing an authentic community among its customers, employees, and partners in various media spaces such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Discord, and even the articles’ comment sections.

Community management’s overall objective is to make your customer feel a special connection with your brand. The following are advantages that your business gains from community management.

•    Obtain valuable, raw feedback on the product

•    Provide Support for audience members, followers, and customers when needed

•    Increase brand awareness with your target audiences

•    Win over potential customers and influencers

•    Transform customers into loyal fans

What kind of industries needs Community Management the most?

While it’s ideal for every industry to have community management processes in place, it’s an absolute need for these 4 industries:

Telecommunication industries

The telecommunication industry is one of the biggest industries globally and with quite a vast customer base. Customers in this industry keep giving feedback on their services, which is where community management fits in.

With a community management program in the telecommunication industry, it’s easy to address customers’ unique problems, understand their individual needs, and offer technical assistance because of the technicality of the sector. Customers’ satisfaction makes them feel loyal to the brand, which is always a win for the business.

Hospitality industries

The hospitality industry is all about service. Many activities involve customer interactions such as bookings, special deliveries, inquiries, etc. In such a scenario, bots and other AI tools cannot be effective as customers are unique in their own way and it only a community manager can handle such engagement.

Fast-moving consumer goods

In an business where fast-moving consumer goods are the order of the day, community management becomes a critical element in dealing with customer inquiries and product issues. With a community management process in place, customers are able to get on-time and accurate feedback that addresses their issues regarding the product.

Financial service industries

Do you offer loans, financial instruments, or any other financial service? Community management is key in delivering what your clients need just in time and as they want it. You are able to explain your services, answer questions, and offer advice in real-time without your customers having to stand in long queues for such information.

The power of community management

At this point, it’s a shame that business in these industries still ignore community management. Community management is a tool that’ll help strengthen ties with customers so business can keep them coming back. As these industries show, community management should be a key component of every brand’s overall business strategy. Make the move and contact us for laser focused community management that will take your business to the next level.