The Social Media Secret Your Agency Doesn’t Want You To See

By Grazel Gueco

This is a service that can convert your leads into customers and your customers into loyal fans in a snap. However, some agencies don’t acknowledge its power, so they don’t offer it or fail to integrate it into brands’ social media strategies. It’s an essential tool in social media marketing that often gets overlooked. 

Spoiler alert: It’s community management.

What is community management?

Community management is the process of building, growing and maintaining a genuine online community among your brand and audience through online interaction, specifically on social media. It’s part customer service, part listening to the internet and part being active in discussions that relate to the brand.

What exactly do community managers do?

Community managers are real people that keep these online communities and spaces running safely and smoothly. They manage the ins and outs of your forums, groups, pages, and other social media by responding to reviews, comments, and concerns. They strive for healthy and constructive social interactions while driving engagement that aligns with your brand’s strategic goals. 

Their daily tasks look like:

  • Providing support for your audience when they need it by responding to comments
  • Building deeper relationships with customers by responding to their messages
  • Obtaining feedback and gathering ideas from your audience through real interactions
  • Learning about what the audience wants and expects from your brand or products through social listening
  • Keeping the brand’s audience engaged daily by posting on Stories
  • Increasing brand visibility by interacting with other brands online
  • Moderating risks like spam and fake accounts to keep the account running smoothly

Why does my brand need community management?

Only good things can happen when you prioritise your customers’ needs and make them feel heard. 

Community management adds value to your business by building brand trust and loyalty and increasing conversions and sales. By actively engaging with your customers, you can keep them from bouncing to other competitors. 

How can community management grow my business? 

Community management can directly affect the bottom line of your business. 

In essence, community management is all about connecting with your customers online. According to a study by Sprout Social, 64% of customers want brands to connect with them. Consumers say they connect with a brand when (1) they trust them, (2) share the same values, and (3) feel understood by them. 

The degree of connection your customers feel towards you also directly impacts your sales. 76% of customers say they would buy from a brand they feel connected to over a competitor, and 57% say they are more likely to increase how much they spend with a brand when they feel connected. On the other hand, when consumers don’t feel connected to a brand, 70% are less likely to purchase from them over a competitor. 

Community management helps foster the connection between your brand and your customers, which in turn boosts your sales.

Ready to invest in community management?

If you’re with a good agency, they’ll prioritise community management and see it as an integral part of your overall social media strategy. 

But if you work with an agency and you haven’t even heard of the term community management, then maybe it’s time to reconsider them or hire a specialist community management agency. Contact us to know more or check out our plans here.