The most hilarious replies to Twitter’s ‘hello literally everyone’ tweet from your favourite brands

By Grazel Gueco

It seems like Twitter held an unintentional (but phenomenal) brand mixer when they tweeted out “hello literally everyone” in light of Facebook’s outage on October 5. 

A tonne of well-known brands like Mcdonalds and Adidas took the opportunity to interact with Twitter’s most liked tweet by far. Brands who joined in the meme-worthy event helped skyrocket their reach and solidify their place in our “favourite outbound community management moments”. 

Here are some brand interactions in the thread that hit it out of the park:

Even Adele and Gordon Ramsay joined in to say hi!

This is what outbound community management is all about! It’s about contributing to the conversation to increase your visibility online and introduce yourself to other brands’ audiences. Plus, you gain new brand connections! 

Best case scenario in outbound community management: your interaction will be shared like wildfire. If you manage to hit all the right notes, people will share your exchange and you’ll basically get free word-of-mouth advertising. How cool is that?