The 7 Types Of Community Managers On Social Media

By Grazel Gueco

If you’ve been on social media long enough, you’ll notice that businesses don’t have a one size fits all approach when it comes to interacting with their customers. This has to do with the fact that all community managers have their own style when it comes to communicating. It’s also heavily influenced by the industry type and tone of voice of the brand they’re doing community management for. 

We’ve done the 7 types of commenters on social media, now we’re turning the tables. Here are the 7 kinds of community managers that we see the most on social media. 

1. The People Pleaser 

These community managers usually work for brands who have values of positivity, warmth, and helpfulness.

You’ll often see them say “Thank you!” several times in a single sentence and add 3-5 heart emojis in while they’re at it. Their goal is to make the community feel seen and cherished. If they were high school, they’d be voted “most likely to brighten someone’s day”.

We’ve mastered the art of the people pleaser with our own clients:

2. The Cheeky Comedian

Everybody loves a class clown. These community managers work for relatable brands who speak their customers’ language. 

A funny community manager can be the sole reason why your brand makes it big. If done right, these community managers’ replies to customers get spread around the internet like wildfire, organically increasing brand visibility. 

We had the pleasure of wearing the Jester hat for our client Indomie:

3. The Sassy One

These community managers work for daring brands who aren’t afraid to test the limits. They walk a fine line whenever they respond to the customer using the brand’s sassy tone of voice, because they can be perceived as offensive. It’s not very common to see in a brand, but when it’s done right, it’s bloody brilliant. 

Check out the work we did for Strangelove:

4. The Straightforward Community Manager

This community manager’s job is to simply respond to comments and messages as quickly and as effectively as possible. They prefer to get to the meat of the matter right away and often craft brief responses. 

These community managers usually work with brands that are straightforward too, like computer softwares. They may also work with brands that get a lot of questions regarding their product or service on a daily basis. 

Let’s take NordVPN for example:

5. The Problem Solver 

First of all, this type of community manager needs a round of applause. Their job is to listen to customer’s complaints all day then find the best solution for them- and it’s certainly not easy! Think of them as the brand’s customer service arm on social media. You can find these community managers working for industries such as telcos, airlines, and FMCG. 

P.S Next time you encounter one of these community managers, don’t forget to be kind. 

Here’s how we solve the problems of Dodo customers:

It’s so fulfilling to see customers’ complaints resolved! 

A proud community manager moment right here. 💕

6. The Conversationalist 

They’re that chatty friend that tries to keep the conversation going no matter what. 

This community manager is all about ENGAGEMENT. They can work for any brand who places their customer loyalty as their #1 priority. When a customer comments on a post, the conversationalist will ask the customer follow up questions, often resulting in a stronger bond with the brand.

Seek Australia’s community manager does this exceptionally well:

7. The Flirt

This community manager is basically the people pleaser, but with a whole lot of flirt. They are overly endearing to their customers, as a part of the brand’s tone of voice. This flirty style works often for women oriented brands such as skincare and swimwear.

And there isn’t a flirty community manager quite like Frank Body’s:

We gotta admit, the flirty TOV really helps with engagement!

After years of managing communities for different brands, you can bet we’ve learned to wear all these hats, and often on the same account! Our community managers are versatile and know how to embody your brand when engaging with customers. Speak to one of our community managers today.