Outbound Community Management Tips: Sparking Conversations with Your Customers

By Bon Miller

A community creates a feeling of belonging among people. It makes them feel like part of a network of other people they can connect with based on common interests and characteristics. It explains why so many brands today invest in creating communities for their customers through community management.

Businesses can build authentic relationships among their external and internal audiences by implementing community management tactics. It means encouraging interaction between partners, customers, and employees for growth, connection, and sharing.

When your business invests in community management, it can transition from an everyday brand to a human brand that deeply cares about its community.

This guide highlights outbound community management tips to help you spark conversations with your customers. It focuses on an external engagement strategy, specifically through social media.

Determine Where Your Audience is Most Active


Building an active community begins with having a clear understanding of the audience. One way to do this is to establish where they spend most of their time. TikTok, Instagram, Triller, Facebook, and LinkedIn are just some of the most active social media platforms.

For example, if your target audience comprises young adults, you may want to focus a lot more on Instagram and TikTok. The idea is to prioritise the platforms that give you access to the most users and generate the most engagement. Without this, you risk wasting your money and resources.

Monitor the Conversations Within Your Industry

Social monitoring and listening are crucial in your community management strategy. One effective way to find out what’s happening within the industry and what the audience is interested in is by reaching out to like-minded social media accounts. Check the hashtags they’re using to promote discussions and do the same on your feed.

However, don’t just copy what other brands are doing. Comment on and like their recent posts or respond to their Instagram stories. This way, you will attract an audience from an already existing brand as people interact with your comments and reactions.

Use the $1.80 Instagram Strategy

While at it, implement the $1.80 Instagram strategy to grow your Instagram community. Gary Vaynerchuck coined the strategy to push users to focus on a set of targeted hashtags for ideal clients and followers. The aim is to raise brand awareness through the content you create.

The concept comes from the phrase “Leaving your 2 cents.” It entails looking for 10 different hashtags within your business circle and commenting on each of the top 9 posts. For each $0.02 you gain from each post, you’ll have a total of $1.80 by commenting on the top 9 posts.

The strategy works best if you have an Instagram account worth following. Also, ensure you choose trending hashtags for the best results.

Connect with an Influencer for Collaboration

Connecting with an influencer can help you penetrate various markets, boost sales, create trust, and enhance your brand’s reach. Establishing an authentic and sustainable influencer relationship can take time unless you’ve paid for it.

An influencer can take months to get involved with your brand just because they like you and not because you’ve paid them. Don’t tire of investing in the relationship by liking and promoting their content and supporting their community as you’d like them to do yours.

Final Thoughts

Outbound community management calls for a lot of work and time investment. Ensure you create a community engagement strategy that works. Remember to create guidelines for the brand community, stay in touch with members, and remain consistent.

All this can take a lot of your time, which is why you should consider using the services of a professional community manager. At Hearts Agency, we can help with your outbound community management strategy to maximize conversions. Contact us today to start a conversation about proven and successful strategies for your business.