Our 3 Trusted Platforms For Community Management

By Grazel Gueco

A brand’s audience demands all the attention, love, and care to start and maintain a good relationship. When community managers answer to those demands, customers stay. Or the brand can leave them high and dry and they, well, leave. (It’s a two-way street!)

It’s hard work to keep up with a growing community. Using these three platforms to perform community management can help lighten the load and make our jobs easier. 

1. Sprout SocialĀ 

Sprout Social has an umbrella of social media management tools. It’s an effective platform for overall social media work, like scheduling content, analysing analytics, and tracking trends. 

What you want to hear about are their engagement tools. It notifies you when your brand’s social media accounts receive comments. Comb through the plethora of inquiries, complaints, or feedback with ease. Your audience would appreciate quick and polite responses. Don’t forget that signature and personalisation!

Sprout Social also allows you to publish on multiple social media profiles from their platform alone. Have an urgent announcement to make? Make a draft, proofread it, and then publish it to the brand’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all in one platform. 

2. Meta Inbox

With Meta Inbox, you have all your Ad Accounts, Pages, and audience in one dashboard for easy magnifying and studying. 

Meta Inbox primarily focuses on your messages and campaigns and how they’re doing across the platform. Is it cutting through the professional noise? How are people acknowledging and responding to it? You have eyes and ears on them all. 

What do we want? Satisfied customers! How do we do that? By taking what they have to say into consideration. You can monitor all of that with the Meta Inbox. Knowing however your current campaign is perceived now or before helps you set up a better one in the future. 

3. Brand24

Have you ever gotten that weird sixth-sense feeling that someone’s mentioning your brand but not knowing where it’s coming from? Brand24 lets you know where the conversation is and allows you to chime in. It helps you track down the source and maybe do some damage control if needed. (But that’s a worst-case scenario.)

None of that hearsay. You get to check the source of any conversation around the brand yourself through AI-powered sentiment analysis. It’s like looking through binoculars but less pervasive. Where is all this praise coming from? Is it a reliable source? You can answer those questions yourself and report with completely authentic information. 

Conveniently find all mentions and messages in one single dashboard for easy reading. You can set up notifications and organise your Discussion Volume Chart so that when somebody on the internet bad-mouths the brand behind your back you’d be the first to know.

For community management work that practices accountability, Hearts Agency has you covered. We have our own set of binoculars and are ready to hop in on any conversation happening on the web to connect with your audience and drive engagement. Contact us today!