How Sentiment Scoring Can Revolutionize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

By Grazel Gueco

The numbers don’t lie. With over 500 million people currently using social media daily, implementing social media marketing for your business should be your top marketing strategy. This will create a vast audience for your company, hence promoting your brand’s awareness. Marketing is all about metrics today, but it’s vital to consider your client’s feelings and emotions since they drive their purchasing decisions.

So many consumers share their feelings and emotions on social media. Brands use this knowledge to find out how their products make their customers feel. This is an intelligent marketing strategy known as sentiment analysis. So what is sentiment analysis?

Brands need to track sentiments so that they can study the trends and learn about their customers’ perceptions of their products and services. Therefore, sentiment tracking refers to the process, techniques, and methods of acquiring information about the customers’ feelings/perceptions of a brand’s products.

Why Sentiment Tracking is Vital for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

This process will determine how your brand is fairing on or changing as time goes by. It provides valuable insights so that you can make proactive decisions regarding your company’s future. Here are ways in which it can be beneficial to you:

  • You will be able to measure the outcomes of your marketing campaigns based on the analysis of your customer’s feelings about your products.
  • Sentiment scoring will enhance your customer service. Paying close attention to your customers’ feelings will help you make better resolutions to any problems that may arise.
  • It will provide you with valuable insights into your target audience and how they feel about your products.
  • It will enhance your public relations. By keeping track of the negative mentions about your products, you will address those problems quickly.
  • It will help brands track key topics and issues within the community so that they can come up with informed decisions.

Ways in Which Sentiment Tracking Will Revolutionize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Sentiment tracking helps you gauge the customers’ sentiments about your brand, and you will be able to translate those insights into positive business outcomes. Below are ways in which sentiment analysis will benefit your business by revolutionizing your social media marketing strategy:

  • It Will Aid in Leveraging Opportunities to Improve your Products

Monitoring positive and negative comments about your products will give you insights into what to change or improve your brand. Today’s consumers are not afraid to provide honest feedback. As a brand, you should always be ready to effect change based on those sentiments.

  • You Will Be Able to Conduct a Comprehensive Competitive Analysis

Sentiment analysis will help you gauge your customers’ feelings about your competitors’ products. When customers search for recommendations about specific products, multiple brands can be tagged concurrently. By observing the comments, you will understand how your products perform against your competitors.

  • It Will Help You Find the Right Tone on Social Media

Customers enjoy brands with a little bit of sass, snark, and wit. Humour goes a long way in reeling in the kind of engagements that will enhance your brand’s awareness. Sentiment analysis will help you increase your brands’ positive mentions as you will be intentional about how you communicate with your clients to build more buzz.

  • It Will Help You Monitor Your Brand Health

Sentiment tracking will help you build a positive relationship with your audience. This will subsequently help you when your brand is making big moves like product launches/ rebranding. Because of establishing a positive relationship with your customers, these big moves will be met with positive reviews.

  • It Will Enhance Your Customer Service

Since sentiment scoring encourages a closer analysis of mentions and comments about your products, you will change how your brand associates with your customers. This means addressing the customers’ concerns immediately after they are raised. Sentiment scoring will equip you to monitor and analyze the conversations regarding your brand, thereby equipping you with the right strategies to make actionable and positive business decisions that will revolutionise your social media marketing strategy. Hearts Agency’s social listening capabilities will help you navigate this area. We provide community management services with sentiment tracking so that you will always be informed of how your customers feel about your products/services. We want to listen to your concerns. Feel free to contact us here.