Hiring a Community Management Agency vs. Hiring an In-House Community Manager

By Grazel Gueco

Nowadays, most businesses strategise their content teams. With most employees specialising in content marketing, the amount of content to be produced in the coming years will be huge.

But, what good will a heap of content do to your business if it does not speak to your prospects’ needs and address their pain points? Similarly, what use will such content be if nobody sees it? Content production is a fraction of a successful content marketing equation. If you don’t promote your content well, it will remain unseen, and that’s why it is advisable to have a community manager.

Why should you hire a community management agency when you can get an in-house person? Read on to find out!

Understanding the Community Management Role

A large number of companies do not know the role of a community manager. But the truth is that a community manager fills numerous responsibilities and roles in any organisation. A community manager plays the role of a brand ambassador and works to develop a community around the brand, takes part in discussions, finds new customers, and listens to the existing ones.

Usually, community managers work on establishing better and new ways of engaging with the digital community. Ideal, community managers act as the face of your brand, ensuring that it’s more approachable.

Benefits of Hiring a Community Management Agency

You have an in-person marketing person, and maybe you think that is enough. It isn’t. Engaging a community management agency is more beneficial than relying on an in-house person.

Here are the reasons:

1. Save Time and Money

Bringing an in-house person to your company is an involved process. You have to undergo the process of selection and recruitment, then onboard the new hire. Besides being time-consuming, this process costs a lot in terms of money.

When you engage a community management agency, you avoid the trouble of teaching the team how to do their job. Such an agency comes with specialists who are ready for the work, so everything begins almost immediately.

2. High Degree of Flexibility

One of the significant benefits of engaging a community management agency over an in-house team is the flexibility of such an arrangement. Agencies stand a higher chance of adapting and changing with respect to your company’s needs, structure, and scope.

As the project scope changes, the agency team knows how to adjust itself to match the new developments. So, you don’t have to worry that you will need to hire another person who fits the new scope.

3.  Access to a Range of Expertise

When engaging a community management agency, you bring in a team of experts in different aspects of marketing. You can’t compare that with what you get from an in-house person. The agency gives you access to a broad perspective and vast knowledge because its team is diverse.

4. Unmatched Experience

Most community management agencies have worked with many companies, which puts your business at a vantage point. Unlike an in-house person, an agency guarantees you a higher chance of success in your marketing because of its years of experience working with other companies.  Such experience comes as an advantage because the team understands how to address different problems similar to yours.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a community management agency comes with more benefits than engaging an in-house person. You take advantage of the team’s expertise, experience, cost-effectiveness, and overall value. Additionally, with an agency, you are assured that the project starts immediately and that the team is flexible enough to adjust as the scope or market environments change. 

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