Examples of Tone of Voice

By Shun Bueno

Have you ever thought about what your brand would sound and look like if it was a person? Imagine a customer engaging with your brand. The way you speak to them paints a picture in their head of what your brand looks like—  that’s the power of having a Tone of Voice. 

It’s the way you communicate with your audience, from the words you use to the way you frame your messages, which is rooted in your brand’s mission and identity. This gives your brand a personality and makes it more human for your audience to engage and connect with. It’s not just what you say to them, but also how you say it. 

According to a survey on consumer behaviour, 33% of consumers think that a brand stands out because of its distinct personality, and having a tone of voice plays a vital role in this aspect. How you speak with them is as essential as how you present yourself (brand visuals). It can help you reach out and make meaningful connections with your community.

Here are a few examples of tone of voice that stand out from the crowd:

Nike: Confident and Motivational

Nike is iconic for its short and simple but powerful voice in conveying its messages that resonate literally with everybody, but especially with its target audience – sports and fitness enthusiasts. We’ve seen countless brand campaigns which are consistent with their tone of voice while staying true to their brand mission.

Personalities who can be associated with this TOV: Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and Barack Obama

Old Spice: Humorous and Weird

Old Spice employs witty humour to tell its story, which works really well for its brand in helping them redefine masculinity while standing out in the personal care industry. Every copy, message, ad, and everything the brand posts are carefully thought out with personality entwined into them. 

Personalities who can be associated with this TOV: Dwayne Johnson, Terry Crews, and Owen Wilson

Coca-Cola: Friendly and Optimistic

Coca-Cola is oozing with positivity, especially in its tone of voice. They show their audience concepts of a happy life and use positive and friendly messages to encourage them to share happiness. Coca-Cola has been consistent with its voice for over a hundred years. It’s no wonder that they’ve remained a leading brand in the industry. 

Personalities who can be associated with this TOV: Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen DeGeneres, and Zac Efron

Harley-Davidson: Masculine and Aggressive

Harley-Davidson perfectly matches its tone of voice with its product and target audience, motorcycle enthusiasts. Their gritty language and aggressive tone of voice personify the strong, rugged qualities of their brand.

Personalities who can be associated with this TOV: Tom Hardy, Hugh Jackman, and Bruce Willis

Finding the right tone of voice considers various factors such as your core values, target audience, brand mission, identity, and more. Some brands even create a combination of two or more attributes to create their own unique voice. Therefore, curating the perfect tone of voice that encapsulates all of these different aspects, can be a really difficult task. 

If you still don’t have a tone of voice, check out this other blog to know how you can develop one for your brand, or contact us, and our community management experts will help you find the tone of voice that works best for your brand.