8 Customer Service interactions that will have you falling off your chair from laughing

By Grazel Gueco

We might not agree with these customer service practices, but reading through them gave us quite the laugh. Here’s a list of customer service interactions that were so wrong, we just had to share.

1. When in doubt, gaslight

The seller be like:

2. Some customers stay in your heart

A twitter even turned this interaction into poetry, and it’s quite moving. 😂

3. Brenda becomes one with the store

And since the Michael’s CS rep is a legend, here’s a bonus one:

4. Just a little TMI

Maybe this is what they meant by treat your customers like your friends? 😂

5. You’ll do what now?

We admire the commitment. Proactive customer service at it’s finest! 😂

6. Oh Sh*t

We love a transparent and empathetic CS rep!

7. Lol. Enough said.

8. And lastly, our personal favourite.

We hope Vicky didn’t shoot you, unknown social media manager person!

Alright, let’s set the record straight

These are all great for a laugh but never for your brand. We do streamlined, supportive and stellar customer service on social media so your brand won’t end up in blogs like these (I mean, unless you want to 😏). Don’t be shy, say hi!