5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Community Management

By Grazel Gueco

Do you know that 58% of consumers prefer communicating with their preferred brands through social media?

Customers feel safe seeking support on social media platforms from brands they already trust. Your online presence should enable you to maintain a strong relationship with customers to build trust and loyalty. That is why you need to use the best community management strategies that will help you create a loyal audience through positive and authentic engagement. Here is how you can create a strong and engaged online community.

1. Create a Unified Tone of Voice

Identify the brand voice that will distinguish you from the rest and help you stand out from the crowd. Your brand voice is the tone of voice that will resonate with your online audience. It should be the same voice in your visuals, copywriting materials, and other brand impressions. Choose how your tone of voice should sound. For example, you can decide to be

  • Casual or formal
  • Youthful or mature 
  • Conservative or friendly
  • Lively or matter of fact

2. Create a Community Management Schedule

Customers nowadays prefer engaging with brands through social media platforms or channels that provide convenience. This is an opportunity for brands to respond to their customers quickly and build trust and loyalty. Creating a schedule helps you engage your audience within the required response time. Statistics show that 79% of customers expect a response to their questions within 24 hours. 

Make sure you schedule at least one community management check within 24 hours. Build your community checks around the time of day when most of your community members are active online. Customer service companies can schedule at least three checks in a day. The frequency of the checks is determined by the nature of business and the complexity of interactions with customers. Creating a community schedule helps you not to waste time randomly looking at DMs and messages.

3. Sign Off with Your Name

Community members connect more with you when you personalise communication. For example, you can sign off your conversations with your name. It makes your interaction more human, becomes more recognizable, and increases brand awareness. Signing off communication with your name helps promote your services and products on other platforms.

4. Have an FAQ Document in Place

Create a working document where you put answers to questions people usually ask. This can help you save time. Community members find ready answers to frequently asked questions, so you save time you could have used to responding directly to the same questions repeatedly. You can pre-empt questions and respond to each situation by providing common questions and answers for inquiries, complaints, or complications in your field of expertise.

5. Reach Out to Other Brands

Outbound community management enables you to proactively engage with other brands in your field. Interacting with like-minded brands gives you visibility and extends your brand reach. Find brands in your niche, follow them, like their content, and provide valuable comments on topics they discuss. Reaching out to other brands and influencers in your field can provide an opportunity for future collaboration and help with your brand awareness.

Key Takeaway

Doing these five things will help you communicate with your customers better and streamline your community management process. Excellent community management ensures you do not lose your customers. Instead, you create a thriving and strong online community.You will have a more engaged community that will buy from you and become your brand ambassadors. Adjusting your community management strategy will help you achieve your marketing goals and increase brand visibility. Want to know how your current community game scores? Click here.