5 Reasons why you need to start personalising your messages

By Shun Bueno

Have you ever tried reaching out to a brand and received a bot-like response? Frustrating, right? Giving canned responses to all your customers can make you sound insincere and robotic, and this can cause your customers to feel disengaged and lose interest in your company. 

On the other hand, personalising your messages helps build the relationship between your brand and your customers. It gives a human element to your brand and helps you connect better with your audience through meaningful interactions. And this is what community management is all about.

Here are 5 reasons why personalising your message to your customers makes all the difference!

Builds relationships with customers 

According to Instapage, 81% of consumers want brands to get to know them and know when and how to approach them. Personalising your messages allows you to know your customers better and understand their motivations which builds the foundation of your personal connection with them.

Personalising your messages can go a long way. It doesn’t only provide a unique experience to your customers but also builds lasting relationships. When you make an effort to connect with your audience on a personal level, they’ll be more likely to reciprocate, and this is where you start to build trust and loyalty.

Makes your brand more human

When you take the time to personalise your message, you are showing your audience that you care about them as individuals. It makes them feel that there is another person on the other side of the screen that listens and understands what they’re going through.

It humanises your brand and makes engaging with your brand easy, just like having a conversation with a friend.

Increases engagement

Sending messages that are tailored to individuals creates memorable interactions that make your customers more likely to interact with you again. It creates a community where customers are not hesitant to reach out to your brand and makes engaging with your brand fun and entertaining.

It shows that you are willing to help and engage with your customers, making you approachable and increasing the overall level of engagement. In fact, 75% of brands with high member engagement chose to focus on personalization as per Qiibee.

Helps you stand out from other brands

Steering away from canned responses and formulating specific ones for your customers’ queries says a lot about your brand and your commitment to serving your customers. It shows how much you value your customers and their overall experience with your brand.

In a world where customers are bombarded with generic messaging and automated engagement, you can create a more unique and unforgettable experience that helps you stand out from other brands by personalising your messages.

Boosts sales

In a survey by Epsilon, 80% of customers are more likely to buy when businesses offer a personalised experience which means that personalising your messages can lead to more sales and conversions. 

Furthermore, 33% of customers who left a business relationship did so due to a lack of personalisation according to Accenture. Not only does personalising your message affect your sales, but it can also make or break your business.

If you don’t know where to start, contact us! Our team of community management specialists is here to help.