10 brands in Australia that are winning at community management

By Grazel Gueco

There’s so much more to social media marketing than continuously churning out content. The more you grow your page the more important it is to build an active and loyal community around your brand. Through community management, you’re able to breathe life into your brand and connect with customers in a unique and human way. Done right, it can do wonders for your brand. 

We always say this: content wins over minds, but community management wins over hearts. 

And if you’ve been thinking about building your community online, you could learn a thing or two from these brands who we think are killing the community management game.


Indomie, the pioneer of instant noodles in Indonesia, is one of the largest instant noodles manufacturers in the world. We’re starting this list off strong, as Indomie Australia has one of the most engaged audiences in the world. They have social communities of more than a million people worldwide and 50K in Australia alone. 

This is because of their engaging responses that are packed with personality while staying true to the original Indonesian brand. We’ll show you what we mean:

We particularly love it when they provide value in the comments instead of the post, prompting more engagements.

Someone even made the Mi Goreng Lasanga and shared it in a comment! Now that’s quality engagement. 

People come to Indomie Australia for the noods, but stay for the witty responses. 

And even when their fans come up with the craziest creations, they’ll find a way to engage in a fun way!


The media giant’s Australian account isn’t as big as their main account, they make up for it by smashing their community management. 

They do a great job at accommodating questions while keeping things cheeky.

And even cheekier when replying to celebs. We loved their creative reply to Zac Efron’s tweet about his new show. It’s current and shows that they understand the language of their audience. 


Strangelove describes itself as “Australia’s most premium range of premium drinks” and “The drink drink drinkers drink”. We adore their quirky tone of voice and think that it translates so well into their community management.

They certainly did not shy away from it when asked about their change in packaging.

Great community management provides value to your audience and encourages real conversations. This is what Strangelove does best!  

Frank Body

Frank Body is an Australian skincare brand that hit the nail on the head with its tone of voice. From their visuals alone, you get a strong sense of their brand identity, and their community management doesn’t fail to supplement it. 

We can’t get enough of their flirty tone of voice! It really encourages users to join in on the banter, which in turn increases their engagement and brand loyalty. 


All telcos get a lot of flack in any kind of customer service, so we give extra points to Dodo’s community manager for dealing with all of that on a daily basis. 

Here’s a lesson on how to handle angry customers with grace (take notes, Harvey Norman):

We love how they even created their own GIFs (P.S. love how real that Dodo looks!) to use in responses:

Everyone hates outages and it’s understandable they can get a bit iffy when the internet is down. However, in this particular instance, their community manager has managed to keep the fire out by simply being reactive and responsive to their customers by providing frequent updates.

We particularly love it when community managers go above and beyond to make sure their customers are having a good brand experience. Not only is Dodo efficient in handling concerns, but they’re also quite the romantic! Have your customers written you a poem? 


Australia’s favourite fresh food supermarket has over a million likes on Facebook and Instagram, which means they get a ton of questions and concerns on the daily. Their business values reflect in their community management: pleasant, straightforward and No BS.

We loved their response to this comment about sourcing paper bags in China. It validates the customer’s concern and also states an actionable solution while encouraging the commenter to hold them accountable. Good one, Woolworths!

The same applies to this response. It’s incredibly personalised to the concern and assures the customer that they’ve actioned on the issue.

They’re also great at engaging banter as seen in these Instagram comments.


Seek, Australia’s top job-hunting platform, subverts its professional nature on social media by posting personable posts aimed at starting funny and engaging conversations around careers. We’re not super huge fans of their feed, but their community management alone makes their whole page a standout! 

They reply to almost every comment on their page with an excellent personalised response, so it’s really hard to choose which ones to highlight!

These comments were in response to the question “Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t know how to answer an interview question? What did you do?”

This is a perfect example of utilizing open-ended questions often to encourage deeper conversations with their audience. 

They don’t hold back with the GIF banter too!

Goto skincare

Unlike Frank Body, Goto Skincare stands for simplicity and relies less on flattery. Their uncomplicated approach to skincare is reflected in their community management. They respond straight to the point, but not without some personal touches.

We love their responses overall, but we just couldn’t get enough of how much effort they put into explaining ‘piling’ in so many different ways in this post! When community managers get similar questions on the same post, it’s important to personalise every comment so that the response doesn’t feel generic. 

Plus, they do an amazing job at providing value while subtly directing the audience to their website.

Four Pillars Gin

Four Pillars Gin is a local craft gin distillery in Yarra Valley that’s well on their way to building a cult following. And for good reason! Their products are amazing and so is their community management. 

They reply to their followers as if they were their closest friends. This is a great example of how to build rapport through genuine warmth: 

And like every friendship, it’s not without a little banter.

Art Gallery NSW

ICYMI: The Art Gallery of NSW has found an ingenious way to make art relatable and to the meme loving public. They’ve been posting art from their collection with captions that would make even your little cousin say “lol”. They’re living proof that it’s the caption that makes the image.

And to make things even better, they’ve started interacting with art and meme lovers alike, and even other museums! 

The banter between Art Gallery of NSW and Museums Victoria needs to be framed. 

We never thought we’d be a big fan of museums for this reason! Whoever does community management for their account needs a “best lockdown entertainment award”! 

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