8 Customer Service Podcasts That Can Help Build Brand Loyalty

By Bon Miller

Exceptional customer service goes beyond the sales talk, closing the purchase and thanking them for shopping. It takes a lot of work to connect with customers in a genuine and passionate way that will create brand loyalty for life. It’s about anticipating their needs, engaging with their community online, going the extra mile to get them what they need – whether it’s information, order updates, or how to decipher the manual instructions.

It’s important to have reliable sources of information that can help you deal with every stage of the customer experience. Lucky for us, we live in an age of podcasts, a medium where we can consume important content and learn on the go. Whether you’re listening during your work breaks or at the gym, it’s a good way to squeeze in some extra insights in between.

We’ve rounded up a list of 8 customer service podcasts we recommend you listen to for inspiration and learning.

1. Creating Disney Magic: Lessons in Leadership Management, and Customer Service

Former Walt Disney Executive Vice President Lee Cockerell shares his wisdom and experience about building one of the world’s best known brands for creating a memorable and magical experience at Disney resorts and parks all around the world. Each episode is around 20 minutes, and discusses lessons you can apply for creating a magical customer experience and building lasting relationships.

Source: Apple

2. Experience This!

Hosted by customer retention expert Joey Coleman and social media expert Dan Gingiss, this fun and entertaining weekly show features inspiring stories of companies and individuals that go the extra mile and tips on how to make customers love you even more. Each episode features a positive customer service story, as well as teachable moments listeners can use to improve their own service. 

Source: Audible

3. Repeat Customer

Zendesk’s podcast features an in-depth behind the scenes look at how different brands create a truly great and memorable customer experience. They feature CX leaders, industry experts, and customers to examine how companies create these memorable experiences, challenges they faced, and why they have a legion of superfans.

Source: Zendesk

4. The Intuitive Customer Podcast

Laugh and learn with ‘The Intuitive Customer’ podcast, hosted by Colin Shaw, recognized as a global influencer on Customers, and Prof. Ryan Hamilton, a consumer psychology professor at Emory University. Each offers a unique perspective on every topic, breaking down a specific aspect of customer behavior and how businesses adapt to serve them better. They discuss different emotional and psychological experiences that impact customer behavior in thought-provoking episodes.

Source: Apple

5. Community Signal

Hosted by Patrick O’Keefe, a long-time community manager, this community-focused program is released every two weeks, and features guest CMs from a variety of industries. They discuss how each speaker’s first-hand experience can be a learning example for other community managers and offer invaluable perspectives that you can apply to your own company. They talk about a diverse set of topics, from community metrics, to the ups and downs of community management. 

Source: Community Signal

6. Community Conversations

This podcast highlights community success stories from a wide variety of online community management professionals. Each episode features one community professional and talks about their efforts with community and social media management. Their show gives you a better understanding of each person’s role, goals, day-to-day responsibilities, and best practices in their different industries. 

Source: Apple

7. The TED Radio Hour

Community managers are tasked with keeping a broad and diverse range of people happy, which means having knowledge on a wide variety of interests is an invaluable skill. In each episode, host Manoush Zomorodi explores a big idea through a series of TED Talks and original interviews, inspiring us to learn more about the world and its different communities. The wide range of topics and big ideas covered will give you the necessary insights and tools to interact with the variety of people and personalities that interact with your business. 

Source: Apple

8. The Modern Customer

In this podcast, customer experience leader Blake Morgan shares insights and secrets of the world’s most customer-centric companies leveraging on technology, and how they create an extraordinary customer experience. This weekly show explores how businesses can make customers’ lives easier and better, featuring experts that provide simple, tangible advice you can immediately apply at your own organization.

Source: Apple 

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